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GP Hintz

Life Change IS possible, but it starts with you. It starts with a first step as you being to work today for a better tomorrow. I can help you on that journey.

My name is GP Hintz and I am part of the internationally acclaimed coach/speaker organization known as "The John Maxwell Team" and a Level 2 Certified trainer in "Leading From Your Strengths". I have personally worked in many areas of my life to bring about massive change and transformation and have stood in the corners of many others... coaching them to a more fulfilled and balanced life. That's how I became a life coach.

LIFE COACH. Two words that are so significant when used together. 

LIFE: That thing that we live each and every day. For some, a mundane existence and for others an engaging and fulfilling adventure. 

COACH: The person who stands with you and pulls out the change that is already inside of you. The one who helps transform your life to the fullness it was created to be.

It is not going to be easy... but it is going to be worth it! Imagine the obstacles that have been holding you back falling away and clearing a path for your success. Imagine fulfilling relationships, a satisfying career or a clear defined path that takes you closer to your life goals. These CAN be achieved when we take the next steps together. 

Let's get started today. If you are serious about working today for a better tomorrow, I want to offer you a free introductory 20 minute call. Let's see if we are a good fit and if I can help you find life change and breakthrough in your life.
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Each and every day you get out of bed you make a decision.
 You are either going to continue to settle for less than your God given potential, or you are going to reach out to fulfill your peak potential. And... if you are going to accomplish all that you are destined to do... you are going to need a fresh set of eyes and a coach who is going to pull you out of your comfort zone into something more

I believe that I can be that someone. Let's start your journey today with a free 20 minute introduction call. Click the button below, fill out the form and let's begin the rest of your life...
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OK. So, you've signed up... waiting for me to contact you, but you want to get started. What's next? 

Well, my goal is to be in contact within 24 hours. But, until then, I want you to get started today. Don't wait. This is your moment. You have taken a great step in the right direction... so, let's keep that momentum. Download my Pre-Coaching Questionnaire and begin to prepare yourself for our first meeting.
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